Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am so grateful to the 7 women in my yoga class at the Y.M.C.A. the night I first spilled the beans, went public, began a process of unburdening my soul, out loud. Of that seven, four approached me after class and led me to know I wasn't alone.

I am so grateful to the gathering of friends at one of our regular yoga teacher training sessions, also forced, in a way, to listen. When it was my turn to teach, I chose to share my story. I was emotional. It's taken a long time for me to be able to speak these things out loud without becoming upset/distressed but the only way through it was to do it.

It's terrifying at first, people might shun you, they may not believe you and what you have to say is so shocking to them. There's a tremendous amount of shame to be worked through and it manifests in many ways. I feel invasive and guilty for slashing deeply, probably painfully into anothers innocence but the sexual abuse of children is a gargantuan, global, destructive issue which must be faced and resloved in order for us as a species to move forward into peace. Besides, I know now that any shame I feel is simply reflecting what's still inside and needs to be let go.

I am tremendously grateful to all of you who've read Yoga Heals. Kudos and a boon to you, I've no doubt it's a challenging read but knowledge is power, education is prevention, and YOGA HEALS.

Since installing a tracking device six months ago there have been almost a thousand hits from, as of today, 20 countries. It's not the speed and growth that Mark Zuckerberg saw but the rate of sexually abused children still exceeds facebook users and one in twelve people on the planet now use facebook.